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About us

Work Injury
Treatment Philosophy

Getting your employees back to work safely and efficiently is our top priority. To accomplish this goal, we offer ongoing communication with our client companies during the entire treatment process.
We know that getting employees back to work quickly, even with potential restrictions, can encourage the recovery process while reducing loss time for the employer. We’re here to answer your questions, so call us today!

About us

The History behind Cedar Valley & Occupational Health

Established in 1995, Cedar Valley Medical Specialists (CVMS) has created a community of the most caring and qualified medical professionals. With over 90 providers, 62 locations and 22 specialties, Cedar Valley and the surrounding communities have been able to count on CVMS for nearly 30 years. CVMS is proud to share its growth with the addition of our newest specialty – Occupational Health. Employers are welcome to stop in and tour the newly renovated Occupational Health Clinic, please call 319-233-1811 to do so!


Efficient and Dependable Occupational Health Services for Employers

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